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Transportation & Delivery
The Cannabis Distribution Company and CannaGuard Transport supply a team of security professionals to pick up, transport and deliver product all over the state.
Secure Storage
With CannaGuard Security and CannaGuard Transport as partners, The Cannabis Distribution Company can provide you the most state of the art warehouse security available.
Lab Sampling & Testing
We've partnered with the top labs in the area so you can have your product sampled and tested while it's being stored at our facility, giving you quicker access to your test results.
Trim Sourcing
Choose between premium hand-trimming or cost-efficient machine trimming, that takes less time than if you did it on your own.
Attempting to start up a business around distribution, storage, trimming and more? The Cannabis Distribution Company has been through every one of those aspects of the cannabis industry, and love being able to share our knowledge.
Distribution Sales
Through our extensive network of clients, you sell or source your product easier than ever.


Attempting to start up a business around distribution, storage, trimming and more? The Cannabis Distribution Company has been through every one of those aspects of the cannabis industry, and love being able to share our knowledge. Our consulting services eliminate a vast majority of the guessing game when it comes to starting out a business in this space. We want to see the industry grow, and that can only happen by helping one another succeed. Reach out to us today! 

Secure Storage

Why store with us? Maybe you want a safe place to store your bulk product while you process through smaller amounts on your farm. Maybe you need to maximize the space on your site for additional cultivation, and need a place to store product overflow. Whatever the reason for choosing The Cannabis Distribution Company, you can be assured that your product will be the safest its ever been.

How do we know? Because The Cannabis Distribution Company partners with CannaGuard Security provide the most state of the art security available. Our storage facility is staffed with highly trained asset protection officers, to ensure the safety and security of your product. But they are only the first step in our endeavor for total security. We equip our warehouses with electronic pre-threat warning equipment, internal security equipment, and SOPs. Add that to our industry-leading storage insurance policy, and you can see that we take keeping your product safe and sound very seriously. 

Transportation and Delivery

The Cannabis Distribution Company will pick up your product, move it, and distribute it all over the state. Our personnel are Oregon-licensed DPSST officers, which allows us to provide armed security services around cannabis products, congruent with OLCC regulations. Our security professionals are all veterans, ready to safely get your product and your cash where it needs to go. And you can send your product on its journey with peace of mind, because we insure $500,000/per vehicle, per trip. 

Our officers will pick up your bulk product from your farm or warehouse and transport it to our OLCC-licensed, 40,000 sq/ft secure storage facility in Portland. Once there, it will be inventoried and stored with all the necessary requirements to preserve product quality. Finished product will be uploaded to our real-time inventory sales site that our retailers can shop.

However your product gets sold, whether by producer, wholesaler, or processor, our Transport Officers will deliver to the final destination, on time and with a smile!

Trim Sourcing

You've securely stored your product at our warehouse, and it has passed the required lab testing. Now what? Getting it ready for the market, of course. The Cannabis Distribution Company offers hand-trimming or machine-trimming services right on site. Because we store in bulk with multiple clients, we can offer these services for less while still delivering a higher quality end-product than you can achieve at an independent facility. This frees up your space for additional cultivation, and gives you more time to focus on producing the best product possible. 

Lab Sampling & Test Facilitation

Lab testing can be difficult to facilitate, time-consuming and costly. But not with The Cannabis Distribution Company. We've partnered with the top labs in the area, and they're ready to come to our warehouse and test your product while it is being stored. Because they are our neighbors, we've negotiated exclusively for The Cannabis Distribution Company to get your results faster and cheaper than on your own, leaving you one less headache to worry about.

Distribution Sales

Once your product is ready for the market, allow us to promote and sell it for you. Through the extensive network of clients brought together by CannaGuard Security, which services the top producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers in the state, we can help you sell your product. And if you're buying, we can help you source product easier than ever. We have a lot of friends in our network, and we aim to create a world where retailers have one intake meeting a week with The Cannabis Distribution Company, because we're all you need.

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